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What does ETHICAL mean to us and how does that affect the way we do business?
We want to be as transparent as possible. We are not perfect by any means. Every day we are learning and growing.
What we are trying to do is join an important and necessary conversation and create a platform that makes it easy for people to shop with a conscience.
We only source ethically manufactured fashion. Which means that we demand fair work conditions for the PEOPLE, because they are people, who make all the labels that we stock.
A few examples of which are; Travelling Kimonowho provide ethical, sustainable employment for women in Vietnam. Carlyle the Labelis manufactured by a Brazilian manufacturer who donates a portion of her profits to support animal rescue shelters in Brazil. Tasi Travelsis all manufactured right here on the Sunshine Coast. Others provide sustainable employment to home seamstresses in Bali.
We are primarily online to ensure that we have less of an environmental footprint, our packaging is primarily made from recycled materials. We are not perfect and there is definitely more we could be doing and will be doing in the future to reduce our environmental impact. But we didn't want to wait for everything to be "perfect" to start to try and impact change at a Grass Roots level.
Some of our labels fabrics include Sustainable materials such as Tasi Travelswho uses a lot of Tencel in their beautiful garments. Another example is Snorkelbearwho primarily uses 100% biodegradable and recyclable fabric in their swimwear. We are always learning and improving our practices. 
We only stock Australian owned labels. We want to know that the profits are going back into our community in one way or another. We have met personally with every single designer/team behind each one of our labels. The majority of whom are women. Women supporting their families, following their dreams, raising their children, surfing at our beaches, shopping in our communities. That is who we are and who we want to be supporting.

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