Full Moon (Moon Lane) With Cloth And Hide

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Grass Roots philosophy is all about getting rooted in your local community, supporting local talent and of course bringing the freshest, ethically manufactured collections of Australian designers together in one location. We are so proud to have Sunshine Coast local, Moon Lane, the creator of Cloth and Hide on board and her latest collection is featured in our online store now.

GRB: As you know Grass Roots Boutique is all about supporting and loving your local community, Moon what do you love about working and living on the East Coast of Australia? 
MOON: I am lucky enough to live just metres from the ocean and it inspires me to produce designs that wouldn’t look out of place worn to the beach, and are also beautiful enough to wear to an event or out to dinner. I love raw natural materials and embrace the natural imperfection in the weave. I love the way that natural fabrics can become more lived in and beautiful with the use of linens and cottons with raw finished hems and hand dying.

GRB: Your designs are so timeless and a lot are cross-seasonal, what are some of the most important elements you consider when designing a collection?
MOON: I always want Cloth & Hide pieces to be worthy of becoming a staple in someones wardrobe. I like the sustainability of “slow fashion” and want my pieces to last more than just one season. I have always had those timeless pieces in my wardrobe that I will wear to death for one or more seasons, then put it away to bring out in a couple of years time and love again. Of course, it always makes me so happy when customers tell me that they feel beautiful when they wear my pieces.

GRB: You seem to have mastered the art of designing staple pieces that can be worn as a statement piece. Where do you get your design inspiration from?
MOON: Thank you! I feel there is so much beauty in simplicity and I think I started my label at a time when this is really appreciated. I get my inspiration from so many places and I try not to follow trends. I usually start with a fabric I really love the look, weight and feel of and design around that.
Cloth and Hide Design, Dungaree Playsuit (Available now)

GRB: One the main goals of our blog is to showcase local designers and their stories but also to inspire others through sharing your story. So we wanted to get a bit of your background as a designer. How did you get in to fashion and design?
MOON: Essentially, I just wanted to create the pieces I wish existed. I am self taught and have pretty much been winging it.   I think it has been an advantage not being classically trained in a way because I can design without any restraints or rules, of course I have made mistakes on the way, expensive ones! I think if you are going start a label be prepared to make mistakes, but my one big piece of advice is stay true to your aesthetic and design pieces you really love and hopefully you will find your little niche in the market.

GRB: Tell us a little about your manufacturing process and what about that process is important to your label? 
MOON: I work closely with a lovely lady in Bali who manages my ethical production. My pieces are produced in small quantities by home seamstresses which can lead to differences in sizing etc so I have to keep an eye on that. I do love to create my own pieces but it is time consuming and is a bit of a luxury these days. I like the idea that my business is not only providing an income for myself and my family, it also provides ethical employment for my production manager and the stay at home mothers that sew for me.
Cloth and Hide Design

GRB: Grass Roots is all for supporting new designers and creative minds. Any final advice for anyone just starting out now?
MOON: Back yourself, if you have a talent you should explore it and give it a go. You only live once and you never know, you could actually end up doing something you enjoy as a job and you will never work again.


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