Where is the prize located?
It is an Australian Fashion Boutique with an online store. You can potentially run it from wherever you are based.

We are currently based on the sunshine coast Queensland.

How & when will I receive my entry?
Once you purchase your Grass Roots Voucher through you will automatically be entered into the draw for free and you will receive a confirmation and your Grass Roots Tote Voucher via email within 24hrs. 

Do I have to collect my Grass Roots Tote to be able to Win?

No. After you purchase a Grass Roots Tote voucher online you will be automatically entered into the draw. The number of vouchers you purchase is the number of entries that go into the random draw. You do not need to redeem your voucher to win. 

What does the prize include?

Prize (refer to T&C for further detail)

Grass Roots Boutique the business;

Stock valued at $6,500

Grass roots boutique banner & signage valued at $500

Marketing material such as physical gift vouchers, packaging and promotional material valued at $500

Professionally designed and created e-commerce Shopify store and domains ( valued at $5,000

Professional marketing material & creative content (ie: fashion photoshoot/videoshoots content) valued at $7,000

Grass roots blog and vlog existing content $2,000
Instagram page name 
facebook page name
Professionally designed and created logos (multiple file types) valued at $1,000 
One month worth of handover training and support from existing owner (from date of winner announcement)
Grass roots boutique business name
All business transfer costs paid

How many times can I enter?
You can purchase as many Grass Roots Tote Vouchers until sold out at 1000 Vouchers. Each purchase is equals an entry, increasing your chances to win Grass Roots Boutique.

Tickets are limited to 1000 tickets.

How was the prize valued?
The value is comprised of the replacement retail value of the included elements of the business. Including but not limited to the cost of current stock, marketing merchandise, branded packaging, professional e-commerce website, professional creative package (including professional videos and photographs), logos and branding. As well as all applicable taxes, duties, estimated maximum transfer and adjustment costs, fixtures and business assets. The estimated future profitability of the business has not been calculated into the $25,000 prize value. For the winner whatever profit they generate from the business from handover date is profit and value on top of the $25,000 value.
(Most business valuation estimates consider future earning potentials in their valuation we decided not to. Our prize value is based on the replacement costs of everything you will receive as the winner.)
Is there a minimum amount of vouchers to be sold?
No. However the maximum limit is 1000. We wanted everyone to have great odds of winning. So don’t miss out on getting a ticket.

Is the business profitable? And does it come debt free?
The current business format is profitable and has had sale increases since the business opened. The business is debt free and comes free of any encumbrances.
The only existing ongoing costs that the winner will need to decide if they wish to continue with are the domain registration costs through “Go Daddy” which is approximately $20 per annum, which will be pre-paid up until the 05/03/2019 and the website fee (Shopify) of $31.90(US$) per month which will be paid up until 4/03/2019. Both of which can be changed or shut down by the winner at any time after they take possession.
Why are we giving away Grass Roots Boutique?
For those of you who don't know me I am Nat the founder of Grass Roots. I also work in the Human welfare and the mental health sector as a practitioner on the Sunshine Coast Queensland. I travelled the world for years and during that time I experienced the devastation of sweatshops and fast fashion factories first hand. I wanted to create a platform and a catalyst for change at a Grass Roots level. Grass Roots is not only fierce fashion but it is also a human welfare advocate and I still whole heartedly believe in what it stands for. 
Since 2017 when Grass Roots first sprouted it's roots my life has shifted, including the passing of my mother. I have made a decision to focus on other areas of my life, including my work in the fight for human rights as a practitioner locally and internationally. I truly believe that individuals can make a difference at a Grass Roots level. 
 I decided to giveaway Grass Roots in a competition instead of just selling it for numerous reasons. One reason being it is a unique opportunity to gain publicity for our fight for human rights in the fashion industry and promote slow fashion. Another reason is it stays true to my own and Grass Roots motto of creating opportunity for individuals to have a quality of life. I truly believe that whoever WINS Grass Roots will have a life changing opportunity. They will be winning an OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE while having the financial flexibility of an E-commerce business that so many are chasing.
It is also a great opportunity to fundraise and raise awareness for an incredible non-for-profit ONE GIRL Charity, who believe as we do, that if you educate a girl you can change the world. 

$2 from every ticket sold will be donated to One Girl Org. 

What charity are you donating too?
ONE GIRL non-for-profit. They believe as we do, that if you educate a girl you can change the world. We are aiming to raise enough money to pay the high-school fees for 10 girls or also equivalent to supplying 80 girls with a year supply of sanitary pads in third world countries. Countries that we have been fighting for human rights for in the manufacturing industry.
When does the winner have to claim the prize? 
The winner acknowledges that the Business must be transferred no later than 15/02/19 in order to allow the winner to take advantage of the remaining domain and website fee pre-paid period, which is paid up until 05/03/19. The winner must indicate their willingness to accept the Business by no later than 10am AEDST on 15/02/19.

What if I don’t know how to run a shop?
We will be providing one months worth of mentoring from handover date to support the new owners.  
What if I win the prize however don't want a fashion boutique?
We believe this prize is an amazing opportunity for someone. However the winner of this amazing opportunity doesn’t have to accept the prize at all if they don’t feel fit to run an E-Commerce store. Alternate options for the winner include selling the boutique, dissolving the boutique and selling off it’s assets and of course you can GIVE the boutique to one of the many who would love to own their fashion boutique. 

I have my own brand or business name that I would like to use, do I have to keep the boutique as Grass Roots Boutique?
Once everything is transferred into the winner names, the winner can ultimately decide what they would like to do with the future of the business. Grass Roots Boutique is an established and recognised name in the Ethical fashion scene, with over 3000+ following our social media platforms on Instagram and Facebook.
What are the current owners going to do after the promotion has finished?
I am going to be focusing on my family after we lost my mother recently and also refocusing on my work within the human welfare industry from a practitioner perspective.
I will also be pursuing human rights projects and other opportunities overseas in 2019

When will the prize be drawn and where will I find the draw results?
The competition closes on 31.01.19 and the winner will be drawn on 01.02.19 and will be published on by no later than the 03.02.19
Who is the promoter?
The Promoter is Natalie Lucken, t/as Grass Roots Boutique, ABN 88 440 081 482

Who can enter?
18+ Queensland residents can enter. We do not have permits to include the other states in our competition. However Grass Roots Boutique can legally be owned, managed and operated as an E-Commerce store legally from anywhere in Australia. However anyone can purchase the Grass Roots Tote Voucher only purchases who are eligible will be entered into the competition. See T&C for more details. 

How is the winner chosen?
We are using which is an service provider focused on randomly selecting winners for competitions, trade promotions, or giveaways in line with QLD government legislations.
How do I redeem my Grass Roots Tote Voucher?
Redeem and collect your Tote in store during business hours at Waiting for Hueys
4a/25 Seaside Blvd, Marcoola QLD 4564
Voucher Expires 31.01.19

How is the winner notified?
We will attempt to contact the winner via phone and email. The winners name will also be shared on our website from the 03.02.19